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How to Deal With Meningocele Disorder

Spina bifida cystica or known as meningocele is a type of spinal cord disorder wherein a cyst is visible on the back which contains meninges and cerebrospinal fluid but no parts of the spine. This type of spinal defect is far and less dangerous when compared to myelomeningocele and it only attains minor disability.


In many cases of spina bifida cystica, causes are usually unknown but according to medical experts, it involves several factors like heredity, environmental risks, folic acid deficiency, anti-seizure medications during pregnancy and sometimes presence of diabetes and obesity.


In a very rare form, the meninges or the protective layer of membrane around the spinal column is pushed out through the opening in the vertebrae.


Since the spinal cord is developing normally, the best treatment for this condition is by way of surgery. The exposed membranes are removed with little or no damage to the nerve pathways. Performing the surgery may also serve as prevention against possible infection.

Ongoing care

Surgery is only the initial treatment since irreparable nerve damage has already occurred. Ongoing care must be performed regularly such as series of additional surgeries and physical therapy sessions as well. Other complications that are brought by meningocele often remains until a child grows older such as bladder and bowel problems as well as paralysis. However, once a child undergoes ongoing treatment and care, he may be able to walk on his own by way of support like walking with braces, walker and crutches.

Coping and support

It cannot be denied that as parents, you would feel grief, anger, frustration, fear and sadness. You must always bear in your mind that showing this kind of gestures affects them. Instead, use this as a positive challenge as a parent. There are several children similar to them who are successful despite of their disability.Go here to see, what author recommends.
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